Brooke Ence
Brooke Ence

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If you think women aren’t as strong as men, then have a look at Brooke Ence. She is not just strong but exceptionally strong and equally beautiful. Brooke Ence is 29 year old blonde bombshell. You are about to find out, Brooke Ence’s life, challenges, success story and everything that you need to know. Brooke Ence is a CrossFit athlete, fitness model, and an actress from California, The United States. She was born on August 10, 1989, in California. Brooke is a married woman. Her birth sign is Leo. Originally known as Brooke Holladay Ence started off her career as a professional dancer. And over the course, simultaneously pursued other careers.

Brooke is a gorgeous ripped woman, in fact, a fitness freak. She is a top level sponsored CrossFit Athlete. However, her journey in Crossfit has not been much. Brooke was a regional competitor, who came into Crossfit in the year 2015 after being qualified for the CrossFit Games. Although, being a newcomer she surprised everyone with a remarkable performance and secured a position at the 14th place. Actually, Brooke Ence bagged the 1st position in the 1-Rep Max Clean and Jerk (lifting 242lbs) events and the Snatch Speed Ladder. She is also a trainer at The Golden State. Some of her sponsors are Kill Cliff and NOBULL. Although, very few know about her before being the qualifier of Crossfit 2015. She began training since 2011 for Crossfit. The following year in 2012 CrossFit Open she was placed 1613th position. Then the next year she earned a place in regionals as a team performer and they won the competition. Then, her way to Crossfit was paved. Brooke amazed everyone in the Crossfit 2015, but she couldn’t make it to Crossfit 2016. As a result of being placed 6th in the regional game and failing to qualify. The year 2017 too didn’t favor her, She withdrew from competing due to severe nerve pain and neck herniations at C6 and C7. Yet, she carries the same enthusiasm like in her 1st year and is prepared to make a comeback in 2018 and smash it.

In the year 2015, Brooke Ence received a call from the director of Wonder Woman after he saw her photo. She was offered to act in his movie. At that time she was preparing herself for the CrossFit games 2015 which was delayed her decision. But finally, she accepted the offer.

Though her part is short, she is noticeable in the movies. Here is a picture of the muscular Amazon Warrior, Brooke Ence from the movie Wonder Woman. Brooke Ence didn’t have to work on her physique as she was a Crossfit competitor. But, she had to work hard to learn to use a sword and horseriding. Very few know that Brooke Ence is also an entrepreneur. She runs her own clothing line with a brand name “Ence Wear”. Ence Wear creates athleisure clothing wears that are comfortable, stylish and sporty. And amazingly in the launch of Ence Wear, it was sold out within 24 hours.